DogStar Training Philosophy

I find that when dog owners assume a proper leadership role with their dog, the dog stops unwanted behaviors that haven't even been addressed directly. This is because in most cases, the unwanted behavior is based on a lack of confidence and clear expectations, causing the dog to burn off nervous energy in undesirable ways.

When a dog has no real leadership and therefore no clear expectations or duties in the pack, the dog is left to figure the world out by themselves, and usually they come up with the wrong way of dealing that because they're dogs. You're leaving the decision to the dog on how they cope with the void in their lives of not having a clear role, clear expectations in their pack. By taking leadership through training and clearly outlining your expectations and their duties, the dog finally has something to do, something to be responsible for, and in a pack, most dogs just want to know their place in the world.

This is why understanding dog behavior thoroughly is so important; when we understand the root of the issue, we can get to the heart of the matter instead of trying to heal a symptom of a deeper problem.

If the behavior doesn't go away indirectly through the course of training, you now have the tools to address those behaviors directly. In either case, through understanding dog behavior and learning proper techniques and mindsets, you will achieve your desired results. When a dog is trained properly, they gain so much confidence from your leadership and are calmer and much happier!

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