Dave along with his family helped teach our rescue dog manners and behave like the cute little lady she is. Having been through a previous trainer (I will not mention any names) that did nothing short than rob us, my hopes of having a calmer, courteous dog had all but vanished. Then, the founder of the rescue we adopted suggested we go with DogStar and reassured us it will not cost thousands of dollars but would only take a few lessons with Dave to solve our problems. She was right and we couldn't be happier!! I have recommended DogStar to all my friends. Finally, a trainer to meet most budgets with results. My family can't thank you enough.


Dave is awesome! He helped my husband and I with our pit/lab mix. Not only did he teach our dog but he taught us how to keep the behavior we wanted from her. Four years later and I still get so many compliments on how well behaved she is. No more jumping on people and I can even walk around with her outside without a leash and she will stay right by my side. She will not move, even when a distraction comes along. If you're looking for the best, Dave is your guy!!


Hello Dave, wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your work with Keeva. She is so young and doing amazingly well. Looking forward to having you work with her again in the near future. For those out there looking for a trainer Dave shows that he truly cares about you and your pet. Again thank you for having Keeva in your home!


I have seen Dave train different breeds firsthand and I'm always impressed by his skill. His techniques work and he even dedicates time to helping owners implement the changes he creates. I would highly recommend Dave for any training needs one might have.


Overall, here are my thoughts. As a pet owner, you get out of the relationship with your pet, what you are willing to invest. My wife and I are not able to put a lot of time into the training as we had hoped, but the training foundation Dave gave in just 1 week, was enough to maintain and allow us to build upon it. Our dogs still do all of the things that Dave taught them in just 1 week and we are very grateful and happy. I have referred three other people to him as well.

Other places we shopped were not as hands on as Dave and were more of a Kennel atmosphere. We loved that Dave took our boys into his home and treated them as his own. I will be sending our boys back for more advanced trainings and refreshers over time and will be utilizing his one on one hourly trainings to make sure we are doing things right for our boys. The cost is very fair and well below many of his competitors here in the valley.

On his website/Facebook you can see pictures of our two boys, Boston and Buddy. Boston is just turning 1 and Buddy was adopted at 1 and is now two. Both had bad habits and we have been working to correct them and it takes time. Your dogs will not be perfect when they return, but will be much better than when they arrived and you will have the tools to bring them to perfect.

I hope this helps and please if you have any more questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Our dogs are a part of our family and a well trained dog is a happy dog. the key for us going forward it to work with them more ourselves and be better trainers/owners.


Dave @ DogStar is not only a generous and kind person but he is also an extremely talented dog trainer. I was in need of a service dog. I had called numerous trainers and was told that I needed a pure-bred dog that had been trained from a puppy. Not only did those type of dogs cost around $20,000, but I felt strongly about getting a rescue dog. I was finally referred to Dave. He assured me that we could find the right rescue dog and train it to meet the needs I have. He took me to see several dogs checking out their behavior and the ability to get along with my yippie little dog. When we went to see Simba, my now rescue dog, it was a perfect match!

I was shocked at Dave's ability to work successfully with Simba as well as teach me how to continue the training to achieve the behavior. Dave was able to teach me and Simba behaviors I never thought were possible. He also helped to understand the mind of a dog. Simba was a little timid and uncertain. He had a bit of a rough life in his short 2 years. Dave was able to teach me how to give him confidence and structure. Simba is now able to meet my needs with confidence and our bond is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Dave was, and still is, available to answer questions between training sessions. He helped me with each stumble I had in the process, doing it with knowledge and patience. In fact he still answers questions I have! What I loved is that Dave did not use negative reinforcement with Simba, only positive reinforcement. I just can't say how highly I recommend Dave to train a family pet, to break bad pet habits, to training a dog for special needs. You have to see it to believe it!

Cindy and Simba

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